What do we do?

We are a group of health informatics professionals and enthusiasts who are passionate about health service improvement, education and research in the health informatics domain. To improve health service, we collate relevant information and provide guidance on health informatics solutions for the benefit of healthcare organisations in West Midlands. We will be looking to support educational initiatives that will enhance health informatics knowledge among healthcare staff and research programmes that will transform patient care. We will also be facilitating forums through social media, website, workshops and conferences to discuss and disseminate what we have learnt around priority areas in health informatics.

Warwick University

Our Objectives?

  • Encourage and support closer working between clinicians, professionals and academics with an interest in health informatics
  • Establish a forum to discuss and disseminate evidence based practice in health informatics
  • Promote research in health informatics
  • Support development of educational materials and courses in health Informatics
  • Support the establishment of health informatics centre of excellence in West Midlands
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The West Midlands Health Informatics Network is hosted by the Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) at University of Warwick.