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University of Birmingham

Health Information and Health Informatics module

This postgraduate module at the University of Birmingham aims to provide students with an understanding of the importance of health information; the identification of valid sources of health information; the health information systems in the UK and how they are integrated; the role of computerised decision support systems; and the emerging information related technologies in delivering health care. At the end of the module, the student will be able to develop, collate and appraise suitable health information and systems to describe given health conditions; understand and interpret current trends and future developments in population health data collection and storage; critically analyse governance structures in handling health information; and understand the principles of the role of computerised decision support tools in the management of health conditions at a population level.
The module can be taken as a standalone course (continuing professional development)or as part of the postgraduate taught Public Health MPH/PG Diploma/PG Certificate programmes.

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Birmingham City University

e-learning resources

Within the Centre for Business and Innovation, the Faculty of Health at Birmingham City University has developed a number of online informatics learning resources in collaboration with the Department of Health. These resources form part of the information governance training tool from the NHS Connecting for Health. They are recommended for both staff and students to extend their knowledge of health informatics, which play an increasingly important role in healthcare delivery.

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Keele University

Health Informatics module

The module within the Faculty of Health at Keele University aims to enable practicing health professionals to take a strategic and critical view of IT development and implementation in their work environments and to develop appropriate high level IT skills in support of this.
This module can be taken independently or as part of a Masters in Medical Science programme.

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Staffordshire University

Public Health MPH (Health Informatics)

The course offered within the Faculty of Health Sciences at Staffordshire University will enable participants to enhance their professional skills with applications of emergent technologies in the health workplace. The course focuses on the principles governing the management of health information and health knowledge, and considers these principles in relation to the roles of patients and of the different professions involved in delivering healthcare (clinical, technical and managerial). The core modules of the course include the Principles of Epidemiology; Research Methods and Data Analysis; Health Informatics and Use of Health Data; Routine Data Sources and Data Manipulation; Public Health Principles and Practice; Masters Dissertation.
The Masters/Postgraduate Certificate/Postgraduate Diploma course is offered as a 2-5 years part-time programme.

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Key Health Informatics Courses Outside West Midlands


University College London

UCL Health Informatics Programme

The UCL Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional Education (CHIME) leads this programme, designed around a range of learning pathways to meet the needs of students from various backgrounds and leaning objectives. The programme is part-time and modular, with a full programme being completed in two to five years, leading to the award of an MSc, a Postgraduate Diploma or a Postgraduate Certificate. Modules can also be taken as part of professionals’ continuing education/professional development. Some of the modules include Principles of Health Informatics, Research Methods in Healthcare, Information Systems in Healthcare, Clinical Knowledge and Decision Making, Information Law & Governance in Clinical Practice.

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Swansea University

MSc Health Informatics

The course is designed for healthcare professionals and those who want to increase their knowledge of and skills in health informatics. The programme is accredited by the UK Council for Health Informatics Professions (UKCHIP) and uses state-of-the-art technologies and has a strong focus on practical experience is strongly linked with National Health Services organisations and industry within the Life Science sector in Wales, UK. It can be taken as a one year full-time or three years part-time taught masters programme. Students must complete 6 modules (4 core and 2 optional) and a dissertation. Specialist pathways are also offered for health informaticians who wish to specialise in the areas of Health Informatics Research, Data Analysis or Project Management.

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City University London

MSc Health Informatics

The course aims to develop knowledge and skills regarding the manner in which ICT can be employed to enhance the organisation and delivery of efficient and effective healthcare; the ability to apply systems thinking in relation to complex problems in which ICT has the potential to enhance healthcare organisation and delivery; skills in tackling major project relating to issues associated with ICT in the healthcare setting. The course can be taken on a 12 months full-time or a maximum of 28 months part-time basis. Students must complete 6 core modules and 2 optional modules, with a dissertation.

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The University of Manchester

Informatics for Healthcare Systems: Improving Skills for a Patient Driven Healthcare

This is a 6 months postgraduate course aiming to develop health informatics knowledge and work in healthcare, pharmaceutical or academic sectors. The course sets core issues surrounding the data, technologies, information and people in the context of the journey from the maintenance of wellbeing to specialist healthcare for an individual, and the creation of a population-wide picture of health to enable well-informed management of a whole system.

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University of Dundee

Health Informatics modules

Two modules relevant to health informatics are offered as part of the Master of Public Health (MPH) and MSc in Applied Health Statistics programmes: Health Informatics and eHealth records research. The MPH programme is designed to prepare students for leadership in scientific and management roles in Public Health. It is a one year full-time course but it can also be taken part-time and undertaken as a diploma programme with the taught components only. The Health Informatics module is an optional module in the MPH programme.

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