Technology Enabled Care – 15 November 2016

This Open Network event will take place on 15 November 2016, from 13:00 to 17:00. Its aim is to encourage networking across stakeholder groups that will result in innovation and improved health, care and wellbeing outcomes across the UK. The event will include:


  • Technology enabled care-themed talks;
  • “Show-and-tell” from the public sector, academia, industry, third sector, and other relevant organisations; and
  • Networking and sharing good practice.


All are welcome to attend, whether you are:


  • looking to showcase a relevant product/service/research
  • in need of a collaborator to develop an idea with
  • disseminating details of a project/research
  • keen to keep abreast of developments
  • on the lookout for a digital healthcare solution
  • looking for potential customers or suppliers


Attendance is completely free for all. If you are interested in attending as a delegate, please complete the online booking form by no later than 7 November 2016.


If you would like to provide event bag content, please contact us.


Browse our events to see media from last year’s show-and-tell, Fostering Digital Heal and Care Collaborations.


















Arrivals and refreshments (mezzanine)



Professor Theodoros Arvanitis, Chair in e-Health Innovation and Head of Research, Institute of Digital Healthcare


Digital healthcare: new modes of delivery for Long term Conditions

Professor Ruth Chambers, Chair of Stoke-on-Trent CCG and Clinical Lead for Long-term Conditions at WMAHSN


Enabling the future for healthcare

Pete Cripps, Cloud Architect, and Mike Broomhead, Industry Architect & CTO for Healthcare & Life-Sciences, IBM


Refreshments and networking



Mike Broomhead

Mike Broomhead


Enabling the Future for Healthcare


Mike Broomhead is IBM’s Industry Architect & CTO for Healthcare & life-sciences in the UK.
As such, he engages with clients who see technology as way to improve their organisation and to improve performance of healthcare or avoidance for care. Areas of focus can include population & preventative care; patient experience; care co-ordination; clinical research; and resource management. Mike’s work for several years has secured experience of contemporary capabilities such as analytics & cognitive computing; business process management; and cloud. Mike is a Chartered Fellow of the BCS with significant experience of IT Strategy and Solution Design methodologies and realities!




Ruth Chambers

Professor Ruth Chambers, OBE


Digital healthcare: new modes of delivery for Long term Conditions


The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) leads, catalyses and drives co-operation, collaboration and productivity between academia, industry, health and care providers and commissioners, and citizens, in order to accelerate the adoption of innovation to generate continuous improvement in the region’s healthcare practice, patient experience and outcomes, and to increase wealth. We should be able to achieve this vision by adopting new modes of delivery for long term conditions that includes technology enabled care services (skype, apps, telehealth, social media, assistive technology). Our focus should be on patients – preventing deterioration of their long term conditions and sustaining health lifestyle habits through shared management plans (agreed by patient/clinician) underpinned by affordable and accessible technology. Hear about the progress made and good examples of technology enabled care – or read all about it!:

Chambers R, Schmid M, Birch-Jones J. Digital healthcare: the essential guide. Otmoor Publishing, 2016.


Ruth is an experienced GP – having worked for more than 35 years in different practices alongside many lead roles in academia, Royal College, Department of Health, learning & development, with various clinical interests – all focused on disseminating best practice in the clinical management of long term conditions and patient care. She has recently become Clinical Chair of Stoke-on-Trent CCG. She is the Long Term Conditions Network clinical lead for the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) with a focus on new modes of delivery of care, such as adoption of technology enabled care services, along patient pathways in different health care settings.


Ruth is a well published author – of hundreds of articles and research papers, and 70 books. She’s always thinking of new ideas – and actually puts some into practice, testing out innovations in creative ways, then disseminating learning as widely as energy levels and opportunities allow. She is Honorary Professor at Keele & Staffordshire Universities.


Pete Cripps


Enabling the Future for Healthcare


Pete Cripps is a Cloud Architect working in IBM’s Cloud Business Unit. Pete works with IBM’s Central Government & Defence clients helping them understand IBM’s offerings and build solutions based around them. Pete is also active in the West Midlands tech sector and works with startups and entrepreneurs advising them on the use of technology. He is an Open Group Master Certified Architect and co-author of the book “The Process of Software Architecting”(Addison Wesley, 2009).


6PM Plc

6PM is a leader in world class IT health solutions. Our leading-edge solutions have been developed in partnership with clinicians and NHS Trusts in the UK. Our core health products such as Climate-HIV, StrokePad™ and ConCERT-D are targeted at managing and treating debilitating diseases like stroke, HIV and dementia. The Lilie Sexual Health Management System (Lilie) includes a full electronic patient record (EPR) sexual health services and is currently used by over 15,000 sexual health and HIV professionals throughout the UK and Ireland. 6PM is also a leader in logistics and information management products for health. Our product portfolio includes iFIT™, CareSolutions™ Datawarehouse and Javali.


Today 6PM employs over one hundred and seventy technology consultants and is present in Malta, UK, Ireland, Australia and Macedonia. 6PM Holdings plc was listed on the Malta Stock Exchange in September 2007. Information about 6PM’s products and services can be found at


Presenting: Lilie and Climate-HIV – a full suite of sexual health solutions.




Phone Number: 0845 557 8818









We are a disruptive Health Tech company with three SBRI Products. PainSense is our main product, Meds is at Beta and CAMHS is in development.


Presenting: PainSense is two digital apps and a web portal, designed to give more support for self-management for people living with persistent pain. The resources include an app and web portal version of the “Pain Toolkit” developed by Dr Frances Cole and Pete Moore, and an app version of the “Pain Management Plan” developed by Dr Cole and Professor Bob Lewin. PainSense includes a set of app / web portal based needs assessment and patient-reported outcome tools, which have an interoperability base for PHR and or EPR integration with EMIS and SystmOne. PainSense is N3 Secure. The App, when combined with pathway redesign, is demonstrating (Data from Leeds West CCG):


  • 15% admitted Care Cost Saving
  • Reduced hospital costs (21% reduction in onward referrals to secondary care)
  • Reducing primary care activity (40% reduction in consults)
  • 80% more patients saying personal goals in managing pain were met


Patient Video:

GP Experience:

PainSense Overview:




Phone Number: 0330 3211223




AMT is a proprietary software business providing software and related services in mobile technology and smart data management.


Presenting: AMT Sybex has developed Fieldreach® – a digital mobile solution that provides community and mental health clinicians with the ability to manage their visits and ensure real time operational management of demand using mobile devices. Fieldreach is a comprehensive solution for common workforce challenges, such as ensuring delivery of real-time patient data and information directly to clinicians on mobile devices, enabling easy collection of patient information during visits, providing in-day visit status updates back to the centre, matching the right staff experience to patient needs, and optimising resource management and utilisation. Fieldreach also ensures that community clinicians are secure and supported to deliver the care that patients expect. Our Fieldreach solution includes a service package focused on engaging clinicians and driving local benefits by supporting change and transformation. This combination of services and technology helps to ensure the right information is provided at the right time, to the right place and in the right form.



Biodose Connect by Vaica


Presenting: Learn how our innovative Biodose medication management trays work with our newly-launched Biodose Connect™, telehealth device to assist with mediation adherence for patients with long-term conditions. Watch a live demonstration to discover how the smart reminder systems, pre-measured solid and liquid doses and real-time adherence monitoring are designed to come together to support positive patient outcomes and reduce the burden on the Healthcare sector.




Boilerhouse Media

Following the success of the first ADASS Care Apps Showcase and conference in October 2015, a new programme combining an online showcase, an event and a year round programme of online activities has been launched as a partnership between ADASS and Boilerhouse Events. The programme includes:


The care apps platform on PublicServiceDigital eXchange The ADASS Care Apps Showcase online The ADASS Care Apps Conference – on 7 March 2017 in Birmingham – featuring apps selected by ADASS Extended coverage of care apps (video, podcasts, articles) on PublicServiceDigital, TheInformationDaily & Healthcare Innovation Monitor


Presenting: ADASS Care Apps




Phone Number: 0121 631 3435









Connexica are a UK based software company specialising in the development of search powered data discovery and analytics solutions. For a number of years there has been an ongoing challenge across the NHS in managing data inefficiencies and delivering insightful information in a timely manner – a problem that has only intensified as the amount of data generated on annual basis has increased. Connexica identified this challenge and have developed CXAIR, a tailor-made solution to the ‘big data’ challenges facing modern healthcare organisations.


Presenting: CXAIR, technology designed specifically for the data challenges facing healthcare professionals today and usable for anyone who knows how to use an internet search engine. Our mission is to turn smart data discovery into actionable information for everyone. CXAIR has been designed, and continues to be developed, to support key NHS information deliverables driven by customer feedback, the latest technology enhancements and legislative changes. Search technology empowers NHS organisations to leverage the wealth of data available by integrating disparate data sources into a single solution while CXAIR’s security framework and data validation rules ensure compliance with all NHS Information Governance standards.


Complete Operational Integration – Integration with all major operational systems for an implementation time of days, not weeks.


Understand Patient Journey – Join previously siloed data sources to analyse structured and unstructured data in a single solution, allowing the patient journey to be tracked from diagnosis to discharge.


Information Governance – CXAIR has a comprehensive security framework that ensures patient level data can only be viewed by authorised users.


Enhanced Data Quality – NHS-centric data validation to identify and rectify coding errors, improving quality to ensure operational decisions are made confidently based on accurate data.




Phone Number: 01785 339731



We are an end-to-end IT provider with nearly 20 years’ experience in supplying infrastructure, software and engineering services to over 5,000 healthcare organisations. We use our experience to help enable digital transformation and sustainable change that allows you to provide better service and care to your patients.


Supporting efficiency in healthcare – Through our range of back office solutions and managed services we facilitate effective working practices and streamline processes allowing you to focus more time and effort on helping people.


Enhance the patient experience – From websites to Wi-Fi we provide the tools and knowledge for you to exceed patient’s expectations.


Working with clinical systems – Our range of medical and waiting room devices are able to integrate with your clinical system to offer a seamless transfer of information both to and from the patient.


Enabling flexible and mobile working – We aim to support the delivery of care wherever that may be required and our range of mobile orientated solutions allow for greater freedom in the way you work.


Engineering and support – All of this is backed up by a team of skilled and passionate experts able to help meet your specific requirements along with our 24/7 support desk on-hand to assist when and if required.




Phone Number: 0113 380 3000



Fujifilm UK Ltd

Fujifilm is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and medical informatics solutions, delivering superior healthcare experiences for our customers and their patients through a range of constantly evolving, clinically proven products.


Presenting: The Fujifilm Synapse family offers a range of medical informatics products including:


  • Synapse 5 PACS – an HTML 5 PACS that delivers a fundamental step change in image display speed, leading to increased productivity, enhanced collaboration and optimised workflows.
  • Synapse 3D – Advanced visualisation with 44 applications to aid diagnosis and surgical planning
  • Synapse Mobility – Zero footprint enterprise viewer for DICOM and non-DICOM
  • Synapse VNA – Awarding winning enterprise clinical repository for imaging and non-imaging medical records


GROUNDVISION is the latest generation of electronic patient observation solutions designed from the ground up by software specialists with over 40 years combined experience in developing enterprise solutions for the healthcare market. Simply Clever Ltd, the company behind GROUNDVISION is backed by a small group of committed investors who are passionate about patient safety and have a long term view of partnering with the NHS for the benefit of patients and wider community.


Presenting: GROUNDVISION is the latest NHS tool developed to rapidly detect deteriorating patients using any Early Warning Score variant including NEWS. Built with, and for, Nurses it is the easiest tool on the market and includes many assessments/observations including Bristol Stool, Fluid Balance, Glasgow Coma Scale, Acuity/Dependency and many more accessible by the bedside from any tablet. The advanced warning system also includes RADAR, SEPSIS and AKI detection.




Phone Number: 01438822183





IBM is the leading company for Cognitive solutions and Cloud platform.
Cognitive solutions are being adopted in UK Health/care organisations to optimise patient engagement and care plans. They are being evaluated to assist clinical decisions in a world of information overload, as well as to support clinical research. IBM HybridCloud brings inter-operable systems delivered in agile ways to accelerate return-on-investment and allow users’ needs to be continually considered.


Presenting: How IBM capabilities relate to the whole spectrum of health, healthcare, research; and applying HybridCloud for agile projects.






Inhealthcare is a UK digital health specialist, working with the NHS to digitise care. We enable patients to be monitored remotely. Our digital health services are highly secure, cost effective and our studies show consistent improved clinical outcomes. Our digital health technology enables any area of care to be digitised, and at present we have over 25,000 patients using our services. Whether that’s managing warfarin therapy out of the clinic, monitoring undernutrition in care homes, or enabling chronic pain sufferers to live more independently.


Presenting: INR self-testing – with a 5,000 patient roll out, our INR self-testing service is one of the largest in Europe. Across the UK, patients are remotely monitoring their INR using a Roche CoaguChek device. Readings are then sent to their nurse via an automated call or secure online portal. Readings automatically go through anticoagulation software where the next dose is determined. Benefits:


– Improves clinical outcomes

– Reduces dosing time

– Improves patients satisfaction

– Reduces unecessary appointments




Phone Number: 01423 510 520

Twitter: @InhealthcareUK


Institute of Digital Healthcare

IDH is a partnership WMG and Warwick Medical School in association with the NHS, which aims to improve people’s health and wellbeing through the development, evaluation and use of innovative digital technologies and services. Its objective is to impact upon and improve the quality, safety, accessibility and productivity of healthcare by supporting the implementation of digital solutions for the public, patients and professionals, underpinned by rigorous, multi-disciplinary research, development and evaluation. IDH has an established track record of both coordination and participation in a number of projects focusing on improvement of the quality, safety and effectiveness of healthcare. IDH capabilities (research & education) include:


  • Making sense of health data to improve public health and clinical knowledge through medical informatics technologies, including clinical decision support systems
    Implementing new integrated care platforms to measure, analyse, and communicate health data to all levels of healthcare delivery
  • Promoting wellbeing through patient-empowerment solutions and behavioural change
    Developing innovative imaging methodologies, trials and meta-analysis
  • Modelling and analysing quality and service improvements of care through systems engineering approaches
  • Meeting the information and training needs of clinicians and healthcare technologists through a master’s programme and short courses on themed areas



Twitter: @IDHWarwick


Isansys Lifecare

Isansys Lifecare, a new generation digital healthcare company, has created the Patient Status Engine (PSE), a remarkable new patient monitoring system which collects and analyses patients’ vital signs and alerts doctors and nurses if a person’s health is deteriorating. The PSE observes every heartbeat, every breath, oxygen saturation every second, temperature every minute and blood pressure as required to allow doctors and nurses to monitor patients better, more closely, more efficiently, and continuously. All this is done without wires or cables and patients wear tiny wireless smart patches allowing them to move about freely, all the while being monitored as if they were in a high dependency hospital ward.


Presenting: Isansys Lifecare has developed the Patient Status Engine (PSE) – a complete patient monitoring platform, which can be deployed hospital-wide either as a stand-alone system or integrated with any current or proposed hospital information system or electronic patient record. The PSE automatically captures six vital signs – heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and coma score and calculates a real-time early warning score. Unlike all other monitoring systems, the PSE enables clinicians to gain access to continuous vital sign data wirelessly from patients in the hospital, at home, at work, and in the community – enabling medical professionals to deliver better care, improve patient safety and increase efficiencies.




Phone Number: 01235 436225

Twitter: @isansys


Kemuri Ltd

Kemuri Ltd is a technology company that has developed a multi-sensor device KemuriSense® Smart Power Socket (“KemuriSense®” or the “Device”) with remote analytics software, the Kemuri® Wellbeing Monitor. The sensors, embedded in a double power socket, collect temperature, humidity and motion data as well as data of power use by appliances connected to the Device. The data is transferred through a mobile network for processing by proprietary predictive analysis software. The output analytics can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet or computer with an Internet connection. The current Device is intended for the telecare market and specifically targets families of older people who live alone. Beyond telecare, the product, after adaptation including the ability to switch on and off the power sockets, has global potential to be part of the infrastructure of smart homes, offices and factories as an energy management platform. In particular, the Kemuri Energy Management Platform is scalable to provide electricity Demand Side Response (DSR) at the point of use for the SME and Domestic market.


Recently a County Council Commissioning Manager told us that he felt ours was “a unique product with potential for both self-funder and LA funding which fills a gap that conventional telecare does not.”


Presenting: Kemuri, Ltd. has developed a unique Wellbeing Monitor that is particularly appropriate for those who forget or refuse to wear pendant alarms. Our Wellbeing Monitor is designed to passively monitor vulnerable people for signs of hypothermia, malnutrition and dehydration, as well as help to detect unattended falls. It also enables family and careers to become more socially involved with the person and help to identify declining capacity early. The system consists of three primary components:


  1. A tamper-proof Smart Power Socket that contains various sensors including movement & temperature, along with its own internet connectivity. This replaces an existing power socket in the kitchen of an elderly person living alone. A kettle and/or other regularly used item is plugged into the Smart Socket in the usual manner.
  2. Predictive Modelling Software determines if Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are taking place as usual, or not, based on sensor readings from the Smart Socket.
  3. A Smartphone App provides a simple colour coded indication of Wellbeing; the ability to drill down to see details of any changes; and the ability to push notifications to a response centre or another carer.




Phone Number: 0207 928 1216

Twitter: @kemurisense

LHM Media

LHM Media Ltd

LHM was formed in 2005, specialising in Patient Experience and Reporting. It has created engagement and intelligence software for Health and Social Care providers, that are now utilised across the UK. The company specialises in bringing patients together with providers for the good of all.


Presenting: Health and social care organisations in the UK are challenged by pressures to reduce costs, improve coordination and outcomes, provide more with less and be more patient centred. Yet, at the same time, evidence is mounting that the industry is increasingly challenged by inefficiencies, clinical outcomes and the financial environment. LHM’s Feedback Centre and Intelligence Dashboard adds value to your services by collating crucial data gained from the public via web, social tools, widgets, events and community engagement. On a more analytical level, the Informatics intelligence tool provides your organisation with a credible way to manage your day-to-day activity connected to Patient Experience reporting. Featuring sentiment analysis, it also tracks your local discussions from the public, press and your partners about local services – all of which can be benchmarked against your internal database. The dashboard is a convenient and easy to access snapshot of all the key indicators that matter to you.




Phone Number: 0121 237 5260

Twitter: @lhmhealth


Meridian online health innovation exchange

Meridian is a pioneering interactive platform for anyone to share their innovations and ideas, build groups and networks and make contact with people whose innovations could change healthcare in the West Midlands. The website will support the adoption of good practice in health and social care and share lessons learned from across the sector. Users – including people from the NHS, academia, industry and the third sector – are able to submit their ideas so that others can comment, suggest ways in which it may be improved and vote for innovations that are good for the region to support and worthy of further development. Alternatively, users can respond to campaigns, where there has been a specific healthcare need identified in the West Midlands which may be solved through an existing or new innovation. Organisations who are part of the WMAHSN’s enhanced membership scheme will get access to even more features and benefits of Meridian.


Presenting: The Meridian online health innovation exchange.




Phone Number: 0121 371 8061

Twitter: @meridian_hie



NoemaLife UK is a subsidiary of NoemaLife SPA, which is an International Group established 1996 in Italy, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2006, and now a leading European name in the clinical and hospital information systems market, known for its development of leading-edge software, advanced research, and excellent customer service. Intended for both public and private healthcare organizations, NoemaLife software solutions help to make the Healthcare System more efficient, by reducing costs and improving the quality of the patient care process, and of services generally. NoemaLife solutions help to optimize the workflow of healthcare structures at departmental, hospital and regional level, through the adoption of a new management approach integrating the various aspects of the clinical process across all the main spheres of application:


  • Clinical Services
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Community and Regional


Noemalife solutions are used with success around the world by more than 1800 healthcare structures and over 145,000 healthcare professionals, with support from a highly specialized Customer Service operating 24/7, all the year round. The quality of the solutions offered by the Group is reflected in the number of projects implemented nationally and internationally:


  • 400 Electronic Medical Record projects
  • 1200 Laboratory projects, delivering 1 billion Tests annually
  • 95 Departmental projects
  • 52 Accident and Emergency projects
  • 100 Anatomical Pathology and Screening projects
  • 100 Radiology and Digital Imaging projects


Presenting: One of the most relevant applications of healthcare information management is the exchange of health information among disparate administrative and clinical information systems. Interoperability enables data and information generated by one system to be accessed and used in a meaningful way by another system, covering health and patient information, clinical knowledge and workflow, as well as providing the tools to implement decision support systems. The most outstanding solution within NoemaLife’s interoperability portfolio is “X1.V1” (Interoperability & Communication Platform), which provides all the mechanisms to set up efficient cross-institution healthcare networks, by enabling the exchange of information among various actors, such as:


  • the different departments within a single hospital
  • hospitals at different administration levels
  • hospitals at the same administration level in a specific national, regional or community area
  • healthcare institutions, hospitals and other healthcare actors (insurances, pharmacies, etc.)
  • healthcare institutions/providers and the citizens


X1.V1 is currently the most advanced tool worldwide to enable the application of innovative healthcare models, by:


  • supporting the decision-making processes related to healthcare, by offering effective tools to monitor the general healthcare status of the population, the quality of healthcare performance and the financial costs
  • enhancing the quality and efficiency of the provision of care to the patient, by setting up networks and promoting the cooperation among the different caregivers in the provision of diagnosis and treatment and by strengthening the quality of management and administration of each single facility
  • improving the circulation of health-related information from the institutions towards the patient
  • enhancing epidemic diseases and cancer detection rate


With over twenty installations already in place, X1.V1 represents one of the rare examples of a successful interoperability platform, that is flexible, can be applied to very complex healthcare economy wide processes, with a low cost and fast delivery.




Phone Number: 07399 437072


Objective Connect

Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) is an established global leader and specialist provider of proven content, collaboration and process management solutions for the public sector, healthcare, financial services and regulated industries. Our solutions empower effectiveness, efficiency and transparency, helping organisations deliver better services at a lower cost to the community. Objective Corporation is committed to delivering tangible business outcomes for our customers. Since 1987, we have been trusted by Government and Top 1000 corporations to deliver long-term valued business outcomes. Objective Connect, established as a business within the Objective Corporation family in 2010, is the leader in enabling secure enterprise cloud collaboration and business process connectivity for unstructured information.


Presenting: Objective Connect was established with a single aspiration: to enable people to work together more efficiently and effectively regardless of organisational boundaries in a secure and governed way. We believe that true digital collaboration means more than just data sharing. It’s about enabling secure multi-organisational business processes by providing the right information to the right people at the right time and within the right governance structure. Trusted by the public sector, healthcare service and regulated industries across the globe, Objective Connect is the most pervasive cloud-based business process collaboration platform for security and governance conscious organisations. It enables multi-disciplinary teams, departments, and agencies to exchange and work on information from their native business applications or our easy to use web based interface, across the firewall, securely and confidentially.




Phone Number: 07833 257521

LinkedIn: Objective Connect


Oysta Technology

Oysta provides advanced mobile-telecare-services for everyone, everywhere. Already in use across health and social care settings Oysta builds confidence and reassurance through a range of mobile solutions which can automatically raise a number of alerts (alarms) and organise – through human contact – an effective response should a problem arise.


Presenting: Telecare is accessed through a simple specialist mobile device with alerts managed through Oysta’s software platform to a Telecare monitoring centre (Oysta is already integrated with all main control centre platforms in the UK). The service is highly flexible: emergency alarms with one-touch SOS; automatically detecting falls or non-movement; monitoring location and triggering “out-of-zone” alarms; initiating conversations automatically with people as needed; sending welfare checks, and automatically reminding about medicines or activities that need to be done. All the settings for an individual are remotely configured over the mobile network.




Phone Number: 01295 530101





Sitekit is a healthcare technology company with a mission to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives, assisted by joined-up digital services. Having worked in collaboration with the NHS since 2004, Sitekit is committed to developing software solutions that improve health and care delivery, enabling the most vulnerable in our society to live healthily and independently through the use of digital technology that the citizen already uses or has straightforward access to. Sitekit is delivering this vision by collaborating with NHS, university and industry partners.


Presenting: The Clinical Knowledge Support Portal and related services. The Clinical Knowledge Support Portal offers quick access to essential clinical information and imagery for GPs and other clinicians. During consultations the online portal allows access to nationally available clinical content, localised information which includes clinical pathways, guidelines, diagnostic tools, patient information sheets and other content. Hosted using Sitekit CMS or any other content management system, the portal is highly responsive and accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones – allowing clinicians to access information wherever they are. The portal saves health professionals time, which improves clinical efficacy and contributes to a more informed and efficient consultation period with patients. The portal has proven to be especially useful for locums or new GPs as it makes it quicker and easier for them to access information most relevant to the local practice. The Clinical Knowledge Support Portal was co-designed with clinical leads and IT teams at NHS Barnsley CCG. The portal can be fully customised to local requirements.




Phone Number: 0845 299 0900

Twitter: @Sitekit

telmenow, from Protelhealth Limited, is a leading one-stop shop for technology to support independent living, for carers and the people they care for. Our mission is to make effective technology available to extend the independence and improve the safety and confidence of people living in the community with a range of impairments. We are not simply a retail website, our approach is to look at technological solutions and, through a process of assessment of capability, value and usability, offer only those we have confidence in. Our company was established by experts with a clear mission to make the best products and services from all over the world available to UK customers. Our website features clear product descriptions and videos, expert reviews, installation and even a virtual shopping assistant to help you make an informed choice. Our expertise is available to you as a free advisory service – visit the website, call or email us for friendly advice.


Presenting: Fantastic products that can help support people with dementia; epilepsy; diabetes; fitness; wellbeing; falls; and personal Safety. If you find a product that is of interest you can buy it directly from the website or call our Freephone Confidential Advice Line.




Phone Number: 0800 2461939


The Sound Doctor

The Sound Doctor

The Sound Doctor was founded by Dominic Arkwright and Rosie Runciman. All those who work on The Sound Doctor team are passionate about the quality of what we do and the importance of effective patient education. The Sound Doctor is the leading provider of film and audio content for patients in the UK and our content is thought to be unmatched in quality, range and production values. Our films are endorsed by leading charities and adhere to NICE guidelines. Conditions covered are COPD, Diabetes, back pain, dementia, weight management and heart conditions. There are over 300 films in our library so far and it is constantly growing. We also create animations. We have a range of health and wellness short animations which are now being used in schools in the West Midlands and well as in GP surgeries around the country. We are able to be flexible about creating bespoke animations and are able to create particular films for an identified need. In addition, the team also devised and produce Health Today, a national radio programme for NHS England – We have evidence that patients with diabetes, for example, have changed their attitudes towards diet and exercise as a result of watching our films. People with COPD are more confident about dealing with exacerbations at home. We also know that across all conditions they are considered a valuable part of people’s health care and improve patient experience. The aims of The Sound Doctor, and there is evidence of this as well, are:


1) To reduce the number of avoidable admissions (and readmissions) to hospital. 2) To reduce the need for face to face contact with consultants, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and others (and to improve the quality of meetings which do take place). 3) To address the issue of co-morbidities by creating a multi-condition library. 4) To improve medicines management and compliance with medications. 5) To improve the quality of care for patients (and patient experience of their care). 6) To help people get the most out of life through effective self-management.


Presenting: We would like to showcase our films, animations and audio material. We would like to show how really well created and presented patient education can make a huge difference to outcomes – and can show evaluation results to back this up. We would like to discuss how thinking differently and creatively about getting key self-management information to patients can make a big difference on a constrained budget. . Nobody can self-manage without the right information but it not just a matter of getting correct information, it also needs to be compelling and accessible to be effective. Conditions covered are COPD, Diabetes, back pain, dementia, weight management surgery and heart conditions. In addition, audio content is a huge and powerful medium which is very underused in heatlhcare in the UK. As mentioned above, we devised and produce Health Today, a national radio programme for NHS England – and have real expertise in creating accessible and effective radio content as well as film content.




Phone Number: 01285850887

Twitter: @sounddoctoruk



THERAPYAUDIT software facilitates monitoring and advice for a range of people. The aim is prevention – of adverse reactions to toxic drugs; unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease; vitamin deficiency related disease like rickets. Our new service encompasses long term condition (LTC) management starting with diabetes and hypertension. Combining home or work-based submission of vital signs with call-centre generated reminders and coaching media, TAPREVENT helps people in the early and later stages of living with a condition. Good stabilisation and ongoing monitoring and coaching can prevent worsening of LTCs, leading to better wellbeing and reduced unplanned hospital admission and other intervention. With 35+ NHS and Public Health customers THERAPYAUDIT is an experienced and established supplier.


Presenting: TAPREVENT builds on our well-established clinical-based monitoring solution (TAMONITOR) by extending monitoring and coaching to patients living in the community. The increasing use of smartphones and other people-focussed technology enables us to extend our monitoring and coaching service to people using a combination of TAMONITOR and MyDocInPoc (MDIP) app. Intended to support multi-morbidities the first version of MDIP caters for diabetics, providing personalised messaging and mixed media coaching.




Phone Number: 0800 756 1087



Total Intelligence

Total Intelligence provides a completely new approach to analysing data for business intelligence purposes. MI View, the product, has an architecture that is based on search technology which provides a number of benefits over other similar solutions. Speed of implementation, speed of access over large data volumes and large numbers of users (i.e. scalability), self service, ability to handle unstructured data (e.g. PDF’s, Word docs) as well as structured data (e.g. databases). All reports/dashboards delivered by MI View can operate in near real-time if the application requires.


Presenting: A live demo of MI View.




Tracer Measurement Systems Ltd

Tracer Measurement Systems Ltd provides hands-on, interactive statistics training as one or two day workshops at Birmingham Research Park or at clients premises, if so required. These range from introductory ones on clinical, epidemiological, quality control, environmental, regulatory compliance or R&D topics to those on more advanced topics. We offer consultancy services in applied statistics & chemometrics. We also develop, manufacture & market products for generating trace gas/vapour standard mixtures for calibration and analytical method development/validation. We have R&D interests if small soft chemical ionisation mass spectrometers and their applications in a variety of areas.


Presenting: Hands-on, interactive statistics training workshops and statistical consultancy.




Phone Number: 07787 552913



TSA is the industry body for technology enabled care services (TECS), and the largest industry specific network in Europe. We are a not-for-profit membership based organisation, with a current membership of over 340 organisations. Our membership is mainly from within the UK, although we do have, and welcome, members from overseas. Our membership includes organisations from Local Authorities, Registered Social Landlords, Health, private sector service providers, private sector technology suppliers, telecoms and infrastructure providers. Our members support the majority of the 1.7 million service users who benefit from TECS in the UK.

For further information please visit or contact TSA at


Presenting: The latest work from TSA, including information on the new code of practice framework and our commissioning white paper.




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Vida’s mission is to empower. With technology, we empower the elderly, we empower their families, and we empower our carers. Our platform enables an holistic circle of care connecting healthcare providers, GPs and insurance companies to the elderly. Everything we do is centred around the cared for, their family and their carers. We have a wide network of qualified, experienced and trusted carers. We only accept the top 10% of applicants who must have a minimum of two years’ experience. Vida carers must pass our strict in-house recruitment and training processes. Behind them sit a team of leading and award-winning care managers and care co-ordinators.


Presenting: Vida wishes to promote our service as an innovative way to redefine how the care industry is viewed. We want to showcase our service, both our core product – our high quality carers and the technology we are developing. The technology is an app and a platform. The app has three purposes and three interfaces – for the next of kin, carer and client. The platform will fully integrate all three interfaces, and aggregate critical patient data and go onto integrate internet of things.




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webGP is a group of senior GPs and senior technologists that have tasked themselves with building healthcare software solutions that provide patients the opportunity to service their healthcare needs online via effective self-help, re-direction to alternative healthcare settings or online remote treatment with their own GP.


Presenting: eConsult is a decision support tool designed by GPs for GPs to top-slice some patients demand away from the consult room into self-help and alternative healthcare environments whilst also providing the opportunity for a significantly more efficient clinician, patients interaction if required. Patients access the service through the trusted practice website via an imbedded web banner. This will allow patients the opportunity to:


  • Utilise a range of self-help content that has been developed by ourselves and by working with a number of syndication partners, including NHS Choices and NHS Inform. This includes videos on self-help. Further to this, patients are provided the opportunity to have this content emailed to them for reference.
  • Utilise bespoke sign-posting options. This is defaulted to a local pharmacy finder (again provided by one of our regional syndication partners, e.g. NHS Choices, NHS Wales Informatics Service) with guidance provided on over the counter medication available for each condition and regional triage service (NHS 111 or NHS Direct Wales). Additionally, we can imbed additional condition-specific local or national services. This works particularly well for services that allow online self-referral (eg. Local CBT services).
  • Submit an eConsult to the practice with a promise of a GP review and a response by the end of the next working day. The submitted eConsult creates a highly specialised risk report for the GP to review asynchronously. This asynchronous nature of the doctor patient interaction is a key element in the efficiency gains from using eConsult. Again, the patient has the opportunity to have their eConsult emailed to them for reference. The patient is able to submit three different types of eConsult:
  • Condition specific: We have developed 100 condition specific questionnaires for patients to complete. These conditions were selected as they are some of the most common that present within general practice. These highly focused templates are designed to extract detailed information related to their specific condition/symptoms so to aid a complete remote treatment episode.
  • Generic: This is designed to appeal to patients that are unsure of their specific condition or are suffering from a condition that does not fall within the condition specific template. This template allows a patient to remotely consult for any condition.
  • Administration: These templates have been designed to allow patients and practices to manage routine administration requests (eg. Immunisation certificates, fit note extension etc) in a completely remote process and thus removing the need for a face-to-face clinical intervention.
  • Each of the questionnaire sets has the opportunity to capture QOF data, they are imbedded with red flag functionality to intercept and re-direct patients that present with clinically urgent symptoms. Patients provide answers in the format of free-text, yes/no responses, confidence scoring, via photo uploads and via imbedded PHQ-9 and GAD-7 questionnaires (for mental health conditions).


The service is currently live in 285 practice around the UK providing over 2.5 million patients with access.




Phone Number: 0207 536 8522

Twitter: @webgphealth



The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network leads, catalyses and drives co-operation, collaboration and productivity between academia, industry, health and care providers and commissioners, and citizens, and accelerates the adoption of innovation to generate continuous improvement in the region’s health and wealth. This will be achieved in a collaborative environment in which member organisations are mutually supportive and in which the technology-rich West Midlands’ life sciences community is fully integrated and generating additional investment. Innovation will be spread at scale and pace regionally, nationally and internationally. WMAHSN, its partners and the public will celebrate the region’s success as a centre for innovation, health and wealth and as the first digitally-enabled health economy in England. The improved generation and adoption of innovation will benefit the economy by giving the region’s academic institutions and life sciences industry a competitive advantage.


Presenting: The WMAHSN enhanced membership scheme.




Phone Number: 0121 371 8061

Twitter: @wmahsn

International Digital Laboratory, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL


Car Parks 8 and 15 (pay and display) can be found next to the venue.

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Professor Ruth Chambers

Digital healthcare: new modes of delivery for Long term Conditions

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Pete Cripps and Mike Broomhead

Enabling the future for healthcare

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The West Midlands Health Informatics Network is hosted by the Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) at University of Warwick.