TeleScoPE: Developing a European Telehealth Code of Practice At Coventry University

With the ever-increasing use of telehealth services, including the use of mobile apps, the need for a standardised code of practice is great. Working collaboratively with 12 partners in 6 EU countries, Coventry University have developed a European Code of Practice for Telehealth Services. This is an ongoing project as necessary refinements are made as technology develops further and telehealth is implemented into a wider range of services. Furthermore, the research project is a direct response to EU initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles, healthy workforce and healthy life-years, social inclusion and engagement, economic and social development, ICT application and the co-ordination of policies and programmes within member states. A current version of the code can be accessed here, and information about the project at Coventry University can be found using the link below.

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