TRANSFoRm: Translational Research and Patient Safety in Europe

At University of Birmingham and University of Warwick

The TRANSFoRm project aims to develop rigorous and generic methods for the integration of primary care clinical and research activities, to support patient safety and clinical research in Europe. The anticipated impact is an improvement of patient safety by speeding translational research, and having quicker and more economic recruitment and follow up of randomised clinical trials, and enhanced uptake of electronic health systems that offer support for clinical care and research. The multidisciplinary project consortium consists of 21 partners from 10 EU member states. The Institute of Digital Healthcare at the University of Warwick is working on two clinical research support tools for researchers. The Query Formulation Workbench helps researchers to define studies with eligibility criteria sets for participants, build queries to identify eligible participants, flag patients, and extract data for analysis. The team has also developed the terminology service used in the Workbench to allow crossmapping between several terminologies and coding systems. Meanwhile, the eCRF Data Collection Tool will support primary care practitioners to collect clinical study data and support the collection of patient reported outcome measures via web and mobile methods.

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