WIN Annual Conference – 26 January 2016

The West Midlands Health Informatics Network’s second annual conference was held on 26 January 2016 at the University of Warwick. The conference provided attendees with the opportunity to find out about innovation and research, share good practice and experiences, and network across health and care settings.

Keynote speakers:

• Tracey Grainger, Head of Digital Primary Care Development at NHS England
• Professor Ruth Chambers, Long-Term Conditions Priority Clinical Lead at WMAHSN.

Guest speakers:

• Professor Simon Brake, Director of Primary Care, Sustainability and Integration at Coventry City Council
• Suma Surendranath, Professional Engagement Programme Manager at Parkinson's UK
• Adrian Stavert-Dobson, Author and Consultant in eHealth Clinical Risk Management

In addition to keynote and guest speakers, there were a selection of talks, panel sessions and posters. Organisations also showcased digital products, services and research during networking sessions.

The conference will take place at Rootes Social Building, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7EQ

Campus Map

Warwick Campus Map

Floor Plan

Rootes floor plan
Tracey Grainger

Tracey Grainger

The Fundamental Role of Technology in Transforming the NHS - Primary care is evolving to meet the challenges currently facing the NHS and to deliver, in line with national policies and commitments, a health system that is paper-free at the point of care. Technology is fundamental to this evolution and brings benefits to both patients and healthcare professionals, empowering patients and improving access to services, reducing bureaucracy for professionals, making time and cost efficiencies, delivering greater equality in terms of standard of care provision and ultimately, improved health outcomes. NHS England is leading the development of a digital primary care strategy to support this evolution of primary care and drive patient engagement with digital services, address gaps in capabilities, align contractual and funding processes, embed digital services into everyday commissioning and encourage innovation at a national and local level.

Tracey is Head of Digital Primary Care Development at NHS England with responsibility for the digital primary care strategy. This includes supporting general practice with a choice of high quality clinical IT systems, tailored to local requirements, while enabling the flexibility and innovation to meet current and future service needs. Tracey has over 24 years’ experience within the NHS that has involved leading service management, performance improvement and large scale transformational change programmes both enabled through technology and organisational development. Tracey has worked across national, regional and local levels in a variety of health care settings. Currently Tracey is driving the programme for the Prime Ministers GP Access Fund to support the delivery of new and enhanced technology solutions that will significantly improve patient’s access to services through innovative care models, making them available through digital enablement to all users of health and care data to support the delivery of better, safer care. Tracey also leads on developing a digital strategy for children’s health that will enable appropriate access to information for all involved in the care of children to promote the best possible outcomes for their health and wellbeing.

07917 277858

Professor Simon Brake

Delivering integrated records – a practical perspective - This session will consider the realities of integrated clinical record systems, organisational boundaries, system limitations, data sharing agreements, and human complexities. We will consider the experience of a combined community and acute frailty project, a twelve month programme span, the implications of new technology, how it’s progressed, and how patient outcomes have improved. And, of course, whether it works!

Simon has been qualified since July 1995, having graduated from the University of Warwick, and gained his professional association membership of the IHM (the Institute of Healthcare Management) in 1996, appointed a fellow of the IHM (by Assessment) in 2004, and a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Warwick (2007) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution Studies (2008) from Coventry University, and is a member of The Association of Directors of Social Services (ADASS). Simon has worked in a variety of general and senior management roles across health and social care, within the National Health Service in hospitals, commissioning, and central government policy until 2006, then as a senior officer for Coventry City Council, and since 2015 as a chief officer working across the NHS & Local Government for Coventry & Rugby.

Suma Surendranath

Suma Surendranath

Integrating technology in the management of Parkinson’s - As a complex condition, it is often difficult to truly appreciate how Parkinson’s symptoms can be best managed and the impact of treatment on quality of life. Technology offers a means of understanding symptoms and supporting people with Parkinson’s to take control by engaging in activities to support their health. The presentation will look at how technology can be a beneficial adjunct to clinical management that benefits both professionals and people affected by Parkinson’s.

Suma joined Parkinson's UK in October 2012 as Professional Education and Engagement Manager. A physiotherapist by background (specialising in rheumatology and chronic pain management), she moved into the voluntary sector in 2008 when she joined Macmillan Cancer Support. There she was responsible for the launch of the first cancer-specific version of the renowned Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme before managing the strategic development of all learning and development for people affected by cancer. Suma's current role is to support the activity of the Excellence Network, a new initiative bringing together health and social care professionals, people affected by Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s UK in a collaborative partnership looking at innovative ways (including the use of technological advances) to transform services across the UK.


Professor Ruth Chambers OBE

Technology enabled care is a must for delivery of care for long term conditions – now! - This presentation relays insights from those who have made technology enabled care services (TECS) happen in health or social care settings. It captures how organisational and frontline challenges have been overcome to achieve buy in by commissioners and managers, engagement with patients or service users, and adoption by practitioner users of TECS. The focus is on ‘how to do it’ – redesigning services, setting up support structures, making delivery of care happen in virtual ways.

Ruth is an experienced GP - having worked for more than 35 years in different practices alongside many lead roles in academia, Royal College, Department of Health, learning & development, with various clinical interests – all focused on disseminating best practice in the clinical management of long term conditions and patient care; with several publications on the evidence base for digital delivery of care in high impact journals. Ruth is a well published author – of hundreds of articles and research papers, and 70 books. She is the Long Term Conditions priority lead for the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN). She’s always thinking of new ideas - and actually puts some into practice, testing out innovations in creative ways, then disseminating learning as widely as energy levels and opportunities allow. Currently that is as clinical telehealth lead for Stoke-on-Trent CCG and clinical lead for a WMAHSN funded project to apply technology enabled care services (TECS) as an exemplar of Person-Centred Care, along patient pathways in different health and social care settings. Ruth’s new role as Chair of Stoke-on-Trent CCG brings in further commissioner interest in adopting TECS as an integral part of delivery of health and social care.

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1: 6PM
2: Advanced Health & Care
3: Birmingham City University
4: BridgeHead Software
6: Mohammed Ahmed, University of Warwick (Poster)
7: Lesley Goodburn, Midlands and Lancashire CSU (Poster)
8: Omar Khan, University of Warwick (Poster)
9: Sue Molesworth, North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust (Poster)
10: Datix
11: eLearning Studios
12: iSeeU Global Ltd
13: K2 Medical Systems Ltd
14: Knowledge Hub
15: Memrica
16: Mimex Montague Healthcare
17: Rivendale Systems Limited
18: Spring Active
20: Touchapp
21: Uniquedoc
22: Warwick Conferences
24: Novastone Media Ltd and Angela Single (Poster)
25: TotalMobile and Stuart Watkins (Poster)
26: Siobhan O’Connor, University of Manchester (Poster)
27: Lorena Santa-Maria, University of Warwick (Poster)
28: Keli Shipley, ADI Health (Poster)
6pm Group

6PM Solutions

6PM is a leader in world class IT health solutions. Our leading-edge solutions have been developed in partnership with clinicians and NHS Trusts in the UK. Our core health products, such as Climate-HIV, StrokePad™ and ConCERT-D, are targeted at managing and treating debilitating diseases like stroke, HIV and dementia. The Lilie Sexual Health Management System (Lilie) includes a full electronic patient record (EPR) sexual health services and is currently used by over 15,000 sexual health and HIV professionals throughout the UK and Ireland. 6PM is also a leader in logistics and information management products for health. Our product portfolio includes iFIT™, CareSolutions™ Datawarehouse and Javali. Today, 6PM employs over one hundred and seventy technology consultants and is present in Malta, UK, Ireland, Australia and Macedonia. 6PM Holdings plc was listed on the Malta Stock Exchange in September 2007. Information about 6PM’s products and services can be found on our website.

We will be showcasing our digital healthcare clinical products (StrokePad, ConCERT-D, Climate-HIV and Lilie) and the future of integrated healthcare.
Twitter: @6pmsolutions
Advanced Helath & Care

Advanced Health & Care

Advanced Health & Care (Advanced) is a leading provider of IT management systems for urgent and unscheduled care, clinical call centres, community health, mental health, hospice, home and residential care services. Advanced has a unique focus on providing innovative mobile IT applications for community-based care, supporting tens of thousands of care workers and clinicians with integrated device, software and airtime solutions. Working with partners in the NHS, local government and the private sector, Advanced is committed to providing IT solutions in support of safe, efficient care delivery with integrated management information for both the commissioner and provider.

Advanced Health & Care offer a range of leading IT solutions to the health sector, including patient administration, electronic patient management, mobile patient management, caseload and workflow management, patient prioritisation, patient access and clinical decision support.
Twitter: @adv_health
Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University

With around 23,500 students from 80 countries, Birmingham City University is a large, diverse and increasingly popular place to study. We put students at the heart of everything we do, giving them the best opportunities for future success. The University works with in excess of 5,000 business, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our courses are informed by Industry Advisory Boards, where information about business needs are reviewed and skills challenges are discussed.

We will be introducing our Institute of Health and Quality of Life (iHQL) at BCU along with our new business function BCU Advantage. The iHQL remit is to engage with BCU academics, understanding and promoting their research, whilst facilitating engagement with external partnerships and income opportunities with a health and quality of life theme. The iHQL is responsible for driving innovation, transformational change and skills support to enhance health and wellbeing. Supporting innovation around the term strategy of the public service organisations, government, industry and third sector, iHQL works to harness science and technology, the humanities and social sciences, built environment, as well as health-related expertise to augment individual and societal wellbeing and economic growth.
BCU Advantage
Twitter: @BCUhealth
Twitter: @BCU4biz
Twitter: @bcuadvantage
Twitter: @mybcu

BridgeHead Software

Data is the lifeblood of any hospital. Data leads to information, which leads to knowledge, which leads to better clinical decisions and patient outcomes. BridgeHead Software is the healthcare data management company. Headquartered in the UK, with over 20 years’ experience in data and storage management, trusted by over 1,200 hospitals worldwide and 100% dedicated to healthcare, BridgeHead is devoted to helping healthcare facilities overcome challenges stemming from rising data volumes and increasing storage costs while delivering peace of mind around how to STORE, PROTECT and SHARE clinical and administrative information. BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Solutions enable healthcare organisations to take a strategic view of their data, leveraging it for the betterment of patient care and improved clinical outcomes, whilst providing greater choice, flexibility and control over the way data is managed, now and in the future.

Imagine full access to your healthcare facility’s patient data. Easy to search and retrieve by those that need it, when they need it, at the point of care. No more departmental silos; no more barriers to access or sharing. And, all while ensuring you leverage and fully utilize your heterogeneous storage environment so that data is stored intelligently and cost effectively, as well as being properly safeguarded in the event of deletion, corruption, outage or larger disaster. BridgeHead’s HealthStore™ is the first truly Independent Clinical Archive (ICA), sometimes referred to as ‘a next generation vendor neutral archive (VNA)’, offering a single, easily-accessible and standards-based software repository for all healthcare data. As a result, BridgeHead has been able to assist hospitals like Bradford, Gateshead, Homerton and North Middlesex to STORE, PROTECT and SHARE their clinical and administrative data.
Twitter: @BridgeHeadHDM


CCBT Limited is an innovator and world leader in delivering evidence-based computer-aided cognitive behavioural therapy (CCBT). The CCBT Helix platform offers clinicians and service providers the ability to design and implement their own treatments on a global eHealth platform. CCBT Ltd’s mission is to deliver a product that meets the requirements of today’s treatment standards, not only in terms of efficacy but also in terms of patient engagement and satisfaction. Our products include FearFighter™ – for anxiety; OCFighter™ – for OCD; MoodCalmer™–for depression; Restore™ – for sleep disturbance; and Shade™ – for addiction and Brave™ – for children’s anxiety.
Twitter: @CCBTLimited


Datix patient safety and risk management software enables healthcare organisations to spot trends as events occur, prioritise risks, and put in place corrective actions to reduce adverse events. Datix provides software to 80% of the NHS and has 29 years proven experience supporting healthcare providers worldwide in building a culture that drives excellence in patient safety.

Our representatives will be demonstrating our software and handing out brochures, so stop by our stand.
Twitter: @datixuk
eLearning Studios

eLearning Studios

eLearning Studios provides a comprehensive package of solutions to develop effective and engaging eLearning. As an eLearning provider we are committed to assisting our clients in succeeding with their goals and objectives. Through a series of innovative technologies, services and experience we work with our clients to build an enhanced learning experience.

We are working on a AAL European Commission project on reducing stress in the workplace (called StayActive). The project is producing a sensor that measure stress, this sends data to your phone which lets the user see what their relaxation score is and suggests ways in which you can reduce stress through a series of relaxation interactions/games. The games teach individuals proven techniques that work in reducing stress – such as deep breathing, meditation and muscle relaxation. The idea is to help users monitor and reduce their stress levels. We are working with Occupational Psychologists at Coventry University and medical experts in Romania in producing the system. The project finishes in September 2016 but we need support try and test the project.
Twitter: @AALStayActive
iSeeU Global Ltd

iSeeU Global Ltd

iSeeU Global offers business process automation solutions. Through rapid delivery of our technology we enable business improvement and efficiencies. The Care Management platform is a SaaS offering that provides all your social care management needs. It empowers various providers (clinical institutions, commissioning groups, charities, life sciences, institutional care providers, managed service providers and occupational health teams) to connect and share important information. The iSeeU Care Management portal is the key enabler where the patient information can be viewed. It is flexible to support patients and their friends/family to deliver proactive in-home, institutional and cross community Telehealth & Telecare services. Through mobile forms and iSeeU workflow/pathways engine, patients assessments can be digitised and completed by healthcare professionals via mobile devices or the patients. All the data is securely stored and made available for business and legislation reporting (e.g. Quality Care Commission). Any appropriate action can be automated (e.g. alert to GP or referral to another care specialist).

K2 Medical Systems

K2MS is proud that its vision of using a clinically focussed approach to develop innovative technologies to improve maternity care has been realised. With an exciting portfolio of products covering training, monitoring and data collection, K2MS is proud to have products installed in over 90% of UK hospitals, as well as having a substantial and established market worldwide. K2MS are the only provider of a complete paperless clinical maternity record including electronic access for mothers to their own notes. K2MS INFANT is the latest development using proven algorithms to reduce the risk during labour.

We will be showcasing K2MS INFANT, K2MS Guardian and K2MS Athena.

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub is a digital collaboration space for public service and non-profit organisations. With 200,000 registered users across 1,700 groups of interest, Knowledge Hub helps its members to connect, share information and support each other removing organisational and geographical boundaries. Knowledge Hub is free to use. Why not join a group of interest or start your own, today?

Knowledge Hub - the digital collaboration space dedicated to public service. Join over 200,000 public service professionals across 1,700 groups of interest and extend your expert network, share knowledge and best practice.
Twitter: @knowledgehub


Memrica was founded in 2013 to help people access their favourite digital memories easily. It has since focused on supporting people with memory problems and provides an intelligent digital platform that uses contextual computing, machine learning and natural language to bring people the information they need, when they need it most. Memrica has a research partnership with the Alzheimer's Society and is supported by Innovate UK, Nominet Trust and UnLtd.

We shall be demonstrating Prompt, an alpha app, web dashboard and community portal. Memrica Prompt is an intelligent digital companion for people with memory problems such as mild cognitive impairment and early dementia. The app helps users maintain their confidence and independence to make the most of each day. Family and carers can send reminders, messages and updates via the web portal, people can also share content they've created, such as task sequences, via the web portal.
Twitter: @memrica

Mimex Montague Healthcare

Mimex Montague Healthcare is the technology-leader in cognitive neuroscience. Our Strannik technology, comprising Strannik Virtual Scanning and Strannik Light Therapy, meets the aims and objectives of the European Commission’s EUR1.2BN funded Human Brain Project. These two software technologies enable us to diagnose the complex range of pathologies being manifest in most common medical conditions and to treat the autonomic dysfunction using an advanced form of biofeedback which initial research indicates may be up to 83-96% effective. Over 600 medical doctors have been trained to use our Strannik technology (see demonstration video ).

We will be on hand to demonstrate our Strannik technology throughout the day and, if required, to test anyone who wishes to understand more about this remarkable technology and their health.


Novastone enables confidential conversations and communication between Trusted Parties on the move. Novastone’s aim is to digitally revolutionise the way Clinicians, Healthcare Teams and patients communicate using its orchestrated messaging platform. Using Novastone, clinicians and multidisciplinary/agency teams can asymmetrically communicate, collaborate and operate in a secure, mobile-centric instant communication channel between their teams and with their patients who are able to receive communication securely on their own mobile devices. This increases Practice and patient connectivity, engagement, empowerment and self-management. It is white labelled and totally customisable. For clinical teams, Novastone takes communication securely and safety out of inboxes into richer and deeper real time mobile collaborations and conversations. It speeds up access to decision makers, increases staff productivity, collaboration and co-operation.

Novastone Media's integrated care, mobile centric secure messaging platform will be on show as above with a range of clinical and patient use cases.
Twitter: @novastonemedia

Rivendale Systems Limited

Rivendale Systems has been supporting healthcare organisations in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland with effective solutions since 1994.

Rivendale will showcase “RAD-Alert”, our innovative system that communicates Radiology alerts for “Significant Unexpected Findings” and other urgencies to referring Clinicians and other personnel via SMS, Smartphone App, Web App, Email and Fax. “RAD-Alert” provides full tracking and a complete audit trail for all alerts and responses incorporating user-defined templates, escalation, contact groups, automated web-page displays, direct access to reports and more.

Spring Active

Spring Active is an evidence-based provider of back pain services. We provide innovative digital-physical programmes following a biopsychosocial model in order to improve clinical care whilst reducing the cost of delivery. All Spring Active products and services offer advice, information and education on the nature of back pain. We use a stratified approach through the use of the STarT Back Self-Assessment Back Pain Tool.

Spring Active's suite of solutions aim to provide stepped solutions to the challenges of managing back pain. Our digital and physical approach combines innovative clinical approaches with new and emerging internet and mobile platforms to enable clients to be in control of their care. We promote self-management leading to improved outcomes. This ranges from a HealthyBack App, Workbook and e-Book, to the provision of a virtual Back Coach and intensive functional restoration programmes all developed in line with current clinical evidence. We are currently expanding our offering with the development of a digital platform to provide further opportunities for learning and treatment. Our products and service are able to provide immediate access to the tools to manage and reduce back pain from the onset. For back pain lasting longer than 3 months, we provide services in line with NICE guidelines and NHS England National Pathway of Care for Low Back and Radicular Pain.
Twitter: @SpringActive
tellmenow, from Protelhealth Limited, is a leading one-stop shop for technology to support independent living, for carers and the people they care for. Our mission is to make effective technology available to extend the independence and improve the safety and confidence of people living in the community with a range of impairments. We are not simply a retail website, our approach is to look at technological solutions and, through a process of assessment of capability, value and usability, offer only those we have confidence in. Our company was established by experts with a clear mission to make the best products and services from all over the world available to UK customers. Our website features clear product descriptions and videos, expert reviews, installation and even a virtual shopping assistant to help you make an informed choice. Our expertise is available to you as a free advisory service – visit the website, call or email us for friendly advice.

At our stand, we shall provide information on, and demonstrate, the website and some of its products, along with free referral packs for use within the clinical environment.

Total Mobile

TotalMobile is a market leading SMART workforce management mobility platform for Health Care Professionals in multiple care settings which delivers better, faster and earlier health care. TotalMobile is transforming community nursing working practices by eliminating paperwork, supporting HCPs normal ways of working and providing real-time information about the patient at the point of care. In addition TotalMobile provides an enterprise referral scheduling capability which uses genetic algorithms too rapidly evolve the best solutions to scheduling problems thus providing continuity of care efficiently, effectively and economically. The take away of TotalMobile is that it gives HCPs the freedom to focus on what they are trained to do which is to deliver high quality, safe and integrated care.
Twitter: @totalmobile

TouchApp Limited

TouchApp Limited is a top grade mobile and web development company that provides full web and mobile solutions for institutes and businesses. By providing the unique and up-to-date digital solutions, we will help the adoption and diffusion of IT innovation in the sector and bring life science into the thrilling mobile era.

We shall showcase our series of mobile Apps and our mData service. mData allows accurate and fast mobile data capture, automatic data synchronization up to the cloud and real-time data access.
Twitter: @TouchApp_uk


Built to meet the specific needs of health and care professionals, UNIQUEDOC is an intuitive, visually engaging communication and collaboration platform that unites clinicians at a local, national and international level through our secure, double encrypted mobile and web app.
Media and Communication Requests: Heather O’Brien –
Business Development Enquiries: Brian Whittle-
General Enquires:
tel: +44 (0) 20 7112 9276
Twitter: @UniquedocGlobal
Warwick Conferences

Warwick Conferences

Warwick Conferences is a leading conference venue. Located on the University of Warwick campus, we have four venues - Scarman, Radcliffe, Arden and Conference Park - which can accommodate both day and residential events. All our conference venues provide a fantastic environment to learn, inspire and achieve. Our expert team will work closely with you, so you can conference with confidence.


The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network creates and supports an environment in which the health and wealth of the population of the West Midlands can improve and prosper. Through creating a network that brings together inward investment, expertise, knowledge and energy from across the entire community, we radically transform the way healthcare is both thought about and delivered. We encourage great ideas and create a landscape where these ideas can be taken up, barriers broken down and, through partnership with industry and the commercial world, be developed, adopted and spread to maximum effect for the health and wealth of West Midlands people.

The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network will be showcasing the support available to members in helping them to accelerate the spread of digital health innovations at scale and pace, offering access to specialist services and expert networks.
Twitter: @wmahsn
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As well as sharing PDF versions of presentations and posters online, some elements of the proceedings will be recorded and photographed, therefore, you should secure any permissions for sharing information in advance.

For speakers, the exact time of your presentation will be available on the programme. Please adhere to your allotted time slot, including Q&A, so that delegates have time to attend other scheduled talks. You should submit your PowerPoint presentation by 9:00 on 22 January, preferably as a 1997-2003 file type.

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You should check the venue tab for the Google Maps reference, campus map and floorplan. Information about parking can be found in the Delegate Joining Instructions. The nearest car parks are 7 and 8. Please find below a link to the car parking registration website, which attendees will need to register on in order to receive a parking permit for free car parking onsite:

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Conference Proceedings

Download the Conference proceedings e-book

Keynotes and Guest Talks

Welcome address
Sudhesh Kumar
Watch the presentation on youtube

The Fundamental Role of Technology in Transforming the NHS
Tracey Grainger
Download the presentation here
Watch the presentation on youtube

Delivering Integrated Records - a practical perspective
Simon Brake
Download the presentation here

Integrating technology in the management of Parkinson’s
Suma Surendranath
Download the presentation here

Today’s practical challenges in assuring the safety of Health IT systems
Adrian Stavert-Dobson
Download the presentation here

Technology enabled care is a must for delivery of care for long term conditions – now!
Ruth Chambers
Download the presentation here
Watch the presentation on youtube

Closing comments
Theo Arvanitis
Watch the presentation on youtube

Oral Presentations

#DigitalHealth: Exploring Users’ Perspectives through Social Media
Soroosh Afyouni*, Ahmed E. Fetit, and Theodoros N. Arvanitis
Soroosh Afyouni – PhD Student, University of Warwick
Download the presentation here

The Challenge of Integrated Care Through Digital Technology
Theodoros N. Arvanitis – Professor of e-Health Innovation, University of Warwick
Download the presentation here

The Introduction of Computers into the NHS: Where Did It Go Wrong?
Michael J. Barber - Shadow Governor, University Hospitals of North Midlands
Download the presentation here

Standards for Telehealth Services
Malcolm J. Fisk - Senior Research Fellow at De Montfort University
Download the presentation here

Is There a Need for Renal Computerised Clinical Decision Support in a University Hospital Setting?
Adam Khimji*, Bethan Knight, James Hodson, Tanya Pankhurst, Peter Hewin, Asif Sarwar, Sarah K Pontefract, Jamie J Coleman
Adam Khimji - ePrescribing Pharmacist, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
Download the presentation here

The Framework for Compassionate Interpersonal Relations in Health and Social Care
Rosie Kneafsey*, Sarah J. Brown*, Kim Sein, Carol Chamley and Joanne Parsons
Rosie Kneafsey - Deputy Head, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, Coventry University
Sarah Brown - Deputy Executive Director, Centre for Research in Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement, Coventry University
Download the presentation here

The Role of Informatics in Prehospital Emergency Resuscitation and Defibrillation
Sarah N. Lim Choi Keung*, Mohammed O. Khan, Gavin D. Perkins, Christopher Smith, Paddie Murphy and Theodoros N. Arvanitis on behalf of the project team
Sarah Lim Choi Keung - Research Fellow in Health Informatics, University of Warwick
Download the presentation here

Older People’s Motives to Use MIRA Falls Prevention Exergames
Wytske M.A. Meekes*, Emma Stanmore
Wytske Meekes - Research Assistant, University of Manchester
Download the presentation here

The Digital 'Red Book' - Digital Transformation of the 0-5 Year Pathway
Daniel Moulin - Director, Sitekit Ltd
Download the presentation here

Using Data from Low-cost, Off-the-shelf Devices to Monitor Exercise Adherence in Respiratory Patients, During Their Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme
Martina Paccini*, Raffaele di Francia*, Christopher K. Golby, Mark Elliott, Andrea Aliverti, Theodoros N. Arvanitis, Babu Naidu
Martina Paccini and Raffaele di Francia - Masters students, Politecnico di Milano
Download the presentation here

A Proof of Concept Trial to Deliver a Digital and Physical Rehabilitation Model to Patients with Back Pain
Nicholas V. Sinfield*, Nick Birch
Nick Sinfield - Clinical Director, Spring Active Ltd
Download the presentation here

Bosch Health Buddy® for Monitoring Cancer Patients on Chemotherapy and Biological Therapy
Peter Correa, Lucy Solway*, Niamh Hughes, Lisa Kembery, Azra Arif, Peter Kimani, Annie Young
Lucy Solway - Core Medical trainee, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
Download the presentation here

Vision for technology based interventions for Urgent and Crisis Care in Mental Health
Peter Lewis, George Tadros*
George Tadros - Consultant in Old Age Liaison Psychiatry, RAID team, Heartlands Hospital, Clinical Director of Urgent Care Pathway, BSMHFT and Honorary Professor of Psychiatry and Dementia, Aston Medical School, Aston University
Download the presentation here

Facilitating Ecological Momentary Assessment through Visual Programming
Daniel J. Rough, Aaron J. Quigley*
Aaron Quigley – Chair in Human Computer Interaction, University of St Andrews
Download the presentation here
Download the reference paper here

Adherence: Time for a new definition?
Peter M. Ward - PhD Student, University of Warwick
Download the presentation here

The Implementation of STarT BACK and an OA e-template - Utilising Existing GP Electronic Clinical Systems to Manage Patients with Low Back Pain or Osteoarthritis During a Routine Consultation
Simon Wathall*, Kay Stevenson, Helen Duffy, John Edwards, Vince Cooper, Mark Porcheret, Krysia Dziedzic
Simon Wathall - Health Informatics Specialist, Keele University
Download the presentation here

Open Source Integration
Andy Williams* and Richard Pugmire
Andy Williams - Managing Principal, Answer Digital Health
Download the presentation here

Training Normal Hearing People in Challenging Conditions with No Sense Syllable Stimuli
Liping Zhang*, Friederike Schlaghecken, James Harte, Paul Jennings
Liping Zhang - PhD Student, University of Warwick
Download the presentation here


Investigating New Business Models to Support Remote Care of Chronic Illnesses (Stand 6)
Mohammed S. Ahmed*, Mark Elliott
Mohammed Ahmed – MSc Student, University of Warwick

Experience Led Commissioning for Outcomes Based Contracting (Stand 7)
Lesley Goodburn*, Nikki Critchlow
Lesley Goodburn - Service Partner, Insight and Involvement, Midlands and Lancashire CSU

Stepping with a Virtual partner: Exploring the Use of Virtual Reality Avatars for Gait Retraining (Stand 8)
Omar Khan*, Imran Ahmed, Musa Rahhal, Theodoros N. Arvanitis, Mark Elliott
Omar Khan - PhD Student, University of Warwick

“Autographer plus Flo”: a Memory Intervention for People with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and People with Mild to Moderate Dementia (Stand 9)
Sue Molesworth* and Lisa Sharrock*
Sue Molesworth - Research Associate/Evaluator
Lisa Sharrock - Lead Clinician/Implementer
North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust
Download the poster here

Demonstrating the Value of Co-design: a Mobile Application for Persons with Dementia and Their Carers (Stand 26)
Siobhan O’Connor*, Matt-Mouley Bouamrane, Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Annemieke Bikker, Catherine A. O’Donnell, Frances S. Mair
Siobhan O’Connor - Lecturer in Adult Nursing, University of Manchester
Download the poster here

Engaging Users with a Personal Child Health Record: the eRedBook Case Study (Stand 26)
Siobhan O’Connor*, Alison M. Devlin, Susan Browne, Annemieke Bikker, Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Matt-Mouley Bouamrane, Catherine A. O’Donnell, Frances S. Mair
Siobhan O’Connor - Lecturer in Adult Nursing, University of Manchester
Download the poster here

Single Phase Locking Value Classification Algorithm for Motor Imagery based BCI (Stand 27)
Lorena Santa-Maria*, Christopher James
Lorena Santa-Maria - PhD Student, University of Warwick

Integrating Digital Technology into a Chronic Pain Pathway across Leeds Community Health (Stand 28)
Frances Cole, Simon Ball, Keli Shipley*, John Eaglesham, Huw Jones
Keli Shipley – Commercial Lead, ADI Health
Download the poster here

Using secure instant messaging to enhance patient-centred care (Stand 24)
Angela Single – Business Development Director, Novastone Media
Download the poster here

Dynamic Scheduling for Mobile Health Care Professionals (Stand 25)
Stuart Watkins - Business Manager Health, TotalMobile
Download the poster here


Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) as an Exemplar of Person Centred Care
West Midlands Academic Science Health Network
Session Lead: Karen Pickavance – Clinical Telehealth Facilitator, WMAHSN
Download the presentation here

Harnessing Health IT to Address Challenges in Healthcare
West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative Group
Session Lead: George Despotou – Assistant Professor, University of Warwick
Download Adrian Stavert-Dobson's presentation here
Download Phil Debenham's presentation here

Education Session: Terminology and Vocabulary Services for Healthcare
Session Leads: Theodoros N. Arvanitis – Professor of e-Health Innovation, University of Warwick and Ian Arrowsmith, Head of SNOMED CT Implementation, Health and Social Care Information Centre

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